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Provide full marketing services, including:

  • developing marketing strategy and execution

  • developing brand building strategy

  • advertising (concept creation, TV, print & radio production)

  • public relations

  • e-commerce strategy and execution


Provide multi-cultural marketing services to American companies for

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Hispanic markets

Provide localization marketing services to Non-American companies for

American market


Specialize in Japanese food-related marketing initiatives & campaigns

  • creating healthy and simple Japanese recipes

  • promoting Japanese food and products to general market



マーケティング戦略策定、ブランドビルディング、広告 (コンセプト作成、TV、プリント、ラジオ)、PR、E-コマースの戦略策定などをワンストップで対応致します。





米国内で活動する米系以外の企業に向けた、米系マーケットに対するブランドビルディング戦略をご提示、実行致します。 その後、商品やサービスの流通チャンネルを確立させます 。





Club GEM 運営 (www.club-gem.com)


岩瀬昌美がライフ・ワークインテグレーションの考えを軸に、 在米25年間の自身のキャリアアップ、育児とキャリアの両立などの経験を踏まえて、 日本の女性のキャリアを本気で考えるコミュニティの運営を開始いたしました。



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2人の息子をもつワーキングマザーである岩瀬 昌美が働く女性がもっと自分らしく生きるためのヒントについて講演。









D2C SUMMIT 東京 2022
Executive Producerを務めました。




Iwase san Image_pink-S.jpg



  • 20+ years of experience in Marketing Communications including Public Relations (AT&T, KOZMO.com, K&L West Advertising)

  • Cross-industry focus (Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Financial, Food and Beverage)

  • Extensive experience in Multicultural Marketing (Asian Pac Region) including campaigns in Building Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention and Localization Strategy.

  • 2022年1月マルチカルチュラルマーケティング総合広告代理店MIW Marketing and Consulting Group, Inc.設立20周年(日系進出企業の米国展開マーケティングサポートや米系企業のアジアマーケティングサポートや、マルチカルチュラルでのフルサービスマーケティング・広告・PR業務に従事。)

  • 2020年6月JETRO 日本食レストラン支援 専門家就任

  • 2019年8月Vueloo.Inc  COO & CMOに就任

  • 2019年Shoku-Iku USA (非営利団体)設立 (2012年より米国にて子ども向けクッキングクラスや記事の執筆で食育プロジェクトを推進。)

  • 米国初のオンラインデリバリーサイトKozmo.comではフード・ビバレッジ ディレクターを担当

  • 米国大手通信会社AT&Tではマルチカルチュラルマーケティングマネジャーを担当(Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Indian market)

  • 米国最大手マルチカルチュラル広告代理店で AT&T, Bank of America, Sears などの米国企業のアジアンマーケット戦略を担当。






田牧米CM ”Beach Day”が権威ある第38回テリーアワード・ブロンズ賞を受賞致しました。過去の受賞作品を合わせると2年連続、4作品目の受賞となります。

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We support Healthy Happy kids



Let's Live Happy and Healthy Together!

"Shoku-Iku" is a Japanese term that translates as "food education," but its meaning of promoting healthier living through food is applicable across all cultures. It is not only about educating children about healthy eating habits, but also about teaching them to appreciate food while learning the importance of family ties. These lessons not only encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle, but also help children grow physically and spiritually in society.


Masami Iwase-Watanabe, a busy working mom with two teenage boys, has been promoting Shoku-Iku since 2011 by creating simple, healthy recipes that can be done together as a family. She has teamed up with Mitsuwa Marketplace since February 2014 to host free Shoku-Iku cooking classes for children and their families.

How It All Started

"Hi, I'm Masami Iwase-Watanabe. You might recognize me from my “Simple, healthy Japanese food” column. I am a full-time working mom with two boys. I have worked full-time for many years and my boys are healthy and happy.


I was raised in a family with a mother who stayed at home. She cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and, while it usually wasn't fancy, I never missed a meal while growing up. But when I think of my mother, I always remember that she cared about me. She was always home. Now I don't spend all day with my kids as I work full-time, but I feel very closely bonded with my boys. As a rule of thumb, we eat breakfast and dinner together as a family. I also cook most of the dinners by myself. Yes, we go out to eat pizza and stuff once in awhile and sometimes eat take out.


One day, around dinner time, I was in a long line for Chinese takeout. It occurred to me that for as much time as I was spending standing in line, I could cook a very simple, healthy meal while spending more time with my kids at home. When I get home, I usually start cooking right away while making sure my kids are doing their homework and, many times, I am also on the phone for my business. On a typical Sunday afternoon, I might make a couple hundred gyozas so that I can freeze them and serve them on weekdays. Sure, I could go to a grocery store and buy a bag of frozen gyoza for less than $10. As you know, making gyoza is very time consuming and people ask me if it is worth my time. Actually, it is. My younger son Kyle’s favorite food is “mom’s gyoza.” He always asks for it. One time, when we were remodeling our house, I bought frozen gyoza and he noticed right away and didn’t want to eat that much.


Living healthy involves lifelong experience, starting from when you are young. Unfortunately, the world is getting busier and busier. In a family, parent-child bonding is very important and, in fact, it is a key for a happy, healthy family. I believe that a happy and well-rounded family helps kids grow physically and emotionally healthy. The importance of spending quality time with family is where the term “Shoku-Iku” came to my attention, as it is important for most modern families to learn and practice. “Shoku-Iku” is a lifelong lesson that is taught and learned around the kitchen and it promotes parent-child bonding. How our kids grow and live their lives really depends on our actions as parents. Let’s all live happy and healthy with our families!

Do not skip breakfast, kids!

Did you know that more than one-third of teens are now overweight or at risk of becoming overweight? An estimated 12 to 34 percent of children and adolescents skip breakfast on a regular basis, a number that increases with age. A study confirmed that adolescents who skip breakfast have a higher risk of being overweight and teenagers who skip breakfast tend to eat snacks with high calories before lunch.

Why are they skipping breakfast? Because they are rushed in the morning. Preparing a healthy breakfast doesn't need to take a whole hour. A simple, healthy breakfast that is good enough can be a bagel with cream cheese with a fresh fruit smoothie. A traditional Japanese breakfast is even better, and easy too. For miso soup, it doesn't have to be a traditional tofu and seaweed miso soup. You can be creative.

My favorite miso soup when I was young was one with bacon, egg, potato and onion. You can even cook it the night before and warm it up in the morning! One thing I am very proud of is that my sons have never missed breakfast in their lives, and they have grown up very healthy and happy.

食育活動でアメリカに貢献 家族の絆、健康な食生活をサポート

2012年より米国にて岩瀬昌美が行っていた食育活動を、この度2019年10月にNPO法人SHOKU-IKU USAとしてスタートさせることになりました。食育とは日本の農林水産省によると生きるための基本であり、健全な食生活を育んでいける人間を育てることです。それをSHOKU-IKU USAという形でアメリカで推進していく運びとなりました。


フルタイムで働きながら、アトピー、ピーナッツアレルギー、そして喘息持ちの子供を育てるにあたり、食の重要性を痛感し、2012年同地の雑誌JAPAN UP!にSHOKU―IKUの連載を始め、食の大切さと忙しい現代社会に生きる家族に食を通じてのコミュニケーション(親子の絆)を推進してきました。さらに、2014年からは日系スーパーマーケットに於いてSHOKU-IKU Cooking Classを開催してきました。